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Yourkowski Studio

Fused Dichroic Glass

Most of the inspiration for our designs comes from our appreciation of nature. We try to reflect the beauty and importance of plant and animal life into our glass. Our pieces are also heavily influenced by the Art Nouveau style.

Being self-taught, our glass art is distinguished by their absolutely unique designs and the vibrant, bold colors of dichroic glass. We try to change the perspective of glass as a rigid, sharp, tangible substance to give the impression of flowing, growing, organic design.

We began creating fused glass in 1991 and now run a full-time studio near Kings Valley, Oregon. During the last 18 years we have created literally hundreds of sculptural glass pieces for private collectors across the United States. In addition we produce an extensive line of unique hanging ornaments. Our work is notable not just for it’s unique style, but also because we produce our own dichroic coatings.